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Recently created tasks

  • 10 mins
    $ 0.11
    Youtube: Search, Watch, Like & Comment
    Download & İnstall
    2 hours ago
  • 3 mins
    $ 0.5
    Walmart $1000 gift card ( just email submit)
    Download & İnstall
    4 hours ago
  • 3 mins
    $ 0.1
    Complete a Registration and get Rs.100 to Bank or Wallet
    Download & İnstall
    12 hours ago
  • 5 mins
    $ 0.1
    Simple signuo
    Download & İnstall
    13 hours ago
  • 5 mins
    $ 0.21
    Register and KYC and get 6 more FRG tokens worth 3$
    Download & İnstall
    1 day ago
  • 6 mins
    $ 0.2
    Sign up + KYC + Free 2$-5$
    Download & İnstall
    1 day ago